Innovations in sports

Key Sport Studio

  • Status: finished
  • Date: March 14, 2019
  • Venue: Dim Master Klass, Bohdana Khmel’nyts’koho St. 57, Kyiv
  • Ticket price: 500 UAH

The event was devoted to new trends in world sports, innovations that allow to be better than others, technologies that create champions.

The representative of the InStat company Vladyslav Fominov introduced for the participants of Key Sport Studio the world of digital technologies, which are used to analyze the performance of football players on the field. Vlad shared the method of calculating the expected goals and explained why these data do not always correspond to what is happening in the game. Vladyslav also revealed the secret of counting of the InStat Index and told why even the most advanced software will not be able to replace the coach, but case of appropriate usage can become a key assistant for the coach. The guests of our seminar could personally observe the work of the soft and the entire product line of the company, for a few hours feeling like Arsene Wenger.

General Director of LEGEA Ukraine Vitaliy Kokota and Marketing Director of the company Yulia Romanska prepared for us a fascinating story about the first attempts of creation a football equipment in the 19th century, about the development of technologies in the 20th and 21th centuries of the sportswear market, about what materials are used in the manufacture of T-shirts for pros and how much money industry monsters invest in R & D.

Ukrainian NBA champion Slava Medvedenko shared with the audience of Key Sport Studio many interesting things since the time of appearances in the Los Angeles Lakers, as well as new trends that dominate the world’s strongest basketball league. Slava explained why 82 regular games and additional playoff games are OK with an adequate approach from an athlete, how Phil Jackson introduced tai chi training in the Lakers training process, and also told why in the modern NBA Chicago Bulls would lose to Golden State, which relaxation rooms are used for Luke Walton’s team, why they build training bases with common areas for management and players, what shoes you need to choose to improve results and lots of other things.

The speech of Zinaida Bondarenko, the founder of the BodyWay project, who was a master of sports in gymnastics in the past, was an excellent conclusion to our Thursday night. Zina told the audience about the role of the fascia in the human body, about why all injuries have roots in the human psychic, what is the significance for the body of a strong and healthy core, what techniques Olexander Usyk uses in his training. And most importantly, Zinaida underlined that there are no hopeless situations and each person, having suffered even a serious injury, can, with the right approach, live a full life normally. Our speaker works both with professional athletes and with ordinary people who need rehabilitation.


  • Vladislav Fominov (InStat Football) – “The development and trends of statistical and video analysis in professional football”
  • Vitaliy Kokota (LEGEA Ukraine) – “Modern trends and innovations in the market of sports equipment”
  • Stanislav Medvedenko (Ukrainian basketball star) – “The role of technology in achieving results through the eyes of a professional athlete”
  • Zinaida Bondarenko (BODYWAY Health Academy) – “Innovative approaches to the recovery and rehabilitation of athletes”