Key Sport Studio

  • Status: upcoming event
  • Date: July 27, 2019
  • Venue: Odessa, stadium “Chernomorec”
  • Ticket price: 500 UAH

It’s never been easier to learn sports – on the eve of the Ukrainian Super Cup match in Odessa, the Ukrainian Premier League and Key Sport Studio are invited to take part in a unique international sports marketing seminar.

On Saturday, July 27, an educational event from the sports manager will be held in Odessa and focused on the theme “Сreate Your Fan”. Among the invited guests are representatives of all clubs of the Ukrainian Premier League, former and current athletes, celebrities, international and other VIP guests.

A key factor for the success and popularity of any sports club is its fans, so the event will focus on analyzing and modernizing approaches and concepts of working with existing and potential fans, as well as the impact of digital and IT technologies on sports.

“Ukrainian clubs are ready to make a qualitative step forward and to introduce European and world trends when working with fans, because the fan is their main asset. I’m confident that with the FEX Odesa 2019 workshop we invited European experts to industry, our clubs will be able to improve their skills with fans and bring new ideas to life that will stimulate the further development of football in Ukraine”, –said President of the Ukrainian Premier League Thomas Grimm.

“Our company is pleased to be one of the pioneers of the development of education in the field of sports management in Ukraine, as we clearly understand that it is human resources that is critical to the organization of sports clubs. Key Sport Studio will continue to support such events and invite their international partners to Ukraine to share their experiences with absolutely everyone”, – said CEO of Key Sport Studio Sergii Koval.