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What we do

We cultivate trends in sports management in Ukraine

We form unique and innovative culture of improving knowledge and networking for Ukraine, obtaining integrated solutions to practical problems in various aspects of sports business.

What we offer

Practical problem solving and complex
knowledge in sports management

This approach allows to solve problems for several target groups – sports fans, professionals and sports organizations.

Sports fans

Expand their horizons, get the opportunity to plunge into the world of sports organization and sports management.


They form their own professional networking, and also get the opportunity to share their own knowledge and cases on our platform.

Sports organizations

Improve the skills of their own employees or find new professionals.

Previous events

We would like to present the main theses and speakers of our previous events.

Innovation in sports

March 14, 2019

Coach: Instructor, Mentor, Manager, Leader

November 29-30, 2018

Our visitors & speakers about us:

After leaving the event, the first thought was: “I want more.” It was not an imitation of activity, but indeed a very productive two days. I felt that I improved my knowledge and understanding of football, and this is the main thing. That was the goal.

Kirill Mazur

I would like to thank the hosts of the event – everything was at a high level of organization. The benefits of such a “deepening” in a variety of coaching subtleties for a better understanding of all internal processes are simply invaluable. We are waiting for the continuation.

Andriy Guliy
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My wife and I like all these innovative things: the public budget, e-democracy. Why? The populist deputies suffer from the public budget. Previously, it was like this: they blinded some kind of platform before the elections, presented it as their own achievement and everyone thought it was a cool dude.

Stanislav Medvedenko
Our speaker

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Our dream team


We are a team of professionals inspired by sports in all its manifestations. We cultivate sport as business and its non-template perception. We are looking forward to bring the Ukrainian sport to a new level.

Sergii Koval


Andrii Krupenko


Kirill Kryzhanovsky


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